JW Roth

JW Roth is the Manager of HIA. In addition, Mr. Roth is the sole manager of Roth Industries, LLC and is a co-manager of Touch 4 Partners, LLC. Mr. Roth has led the process of taking seven companies public, including Aspen Bio Pharmaceuticals and Where Food Comes From, Inc. He has founded, financed, and/ or served as an executive officer and board member for multiple startup and early stage companies, with most focused in the agricultural and restaurant spaces. The companies Mr. Roth has been involved with have raised over $350,000,000 in debt and equity financings. Mr. Roth has been featured in Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine and has appearances on CNBC and Bloomberg Television.


Gary Tedder

Gary Tedder is Vice President of Business Development for HIA. Mr. Tedder has over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business development director, and creative advisor for many companies, ranging from real estate to the entertainment and music industry. Mr. Tedder serves on the boards of several state and national nonprofit organizations, including Ambassadors of Compassion and March of Dimes. Mr. Tedder's son, Ryan Tedder, is one of the most accomplished artists, songwriters and producers of this generation. In addition to being the founder and lead singer of the band One Republic, Ryan has written, produced, or performed with the likes of U2, Adele, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift.


Bruce Barber

Bruce Barber is Vice President of Business Development for HIA and acts as an Owners Representative for HIA's construction projects. Prior to his current role, Mr. Barber was an Independent Registered Investment Advisor with Legacy Wealth Management. Mr. Barber started in the financial service industry in Jan. 1978, where he worked as a captive agent for Penn Mutual. In 1979, Mr. Barber founded Bruce P. Barber and Associates where he was an Independent Advisor thru 2000. After moving to CO in May of 2000 Mr. Barber joined Capital Management Group in Denver as an Independent Registered Investment Advisor.