Bourbon Brothers Presents

HIA's newest property, Boot Barn Hall at Bourbon Brothers, is adjacent to Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse & Tavern in the Polaris Pointe development located in Northern Colorado Springs. Boot Barn Hall is an intimate music venue, and event center. At completion, Boot Barn Hall is 15,000-square feet on on 3.24 acres and will be leased to Bourbon Brothers Restaurants, the same operator as Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse & Tavern, to be operated under the name Bourbon Brothers Presents. HIA Management is confident in the commercial viability of Boot Barn Hall, due to the industry-savvy leadership team which has been assembled by the future operator of the property. The team is populated by accomplished movers and shakers from the music, entertainment, and business industries, including Chairmen, JW Roth. Additional directors are Gary Tedder, and Mitchell Roth.

JW Roth, as Chairman, leads the board from a business and finance perspective. Mr. Roth is the Founder, Chairman, CEO and sole manager of Roth Industries, LLC, a state-of-the-art USDA food manufacturing company. Additionally, Mr. Roth is the Founder and controlling shareholder of Bourbon Brothers Restaurants, LLC. With more than twenty five years of private and public company experience, Mr. Roth is a veteran in the micro/small cap and venture capital space. He has led the process of taking seven companies public, including Aspen Bio Pharmaceuticals, and Where Food Comes From, Inc., among others. He has founded, financed, and/or served as an executive of officer and board member, for multiple startup and early stage companies, with most focused in the agricultural and restaurant spaces. The companies Mr. Roth has been involved with have raised over $350,000,000 in debt and equity financings. Mr. Roth has been featured in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine and over 50 business journals throughout the United States. He has also made multiple appearances on CNBC and Bloomberg Television.

Gary Tedder is Vice President of Business Development for HIA. Mr. Tedder has over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business development director, and creative advisor for many companies, ranging from real estate to the entertainment and music industry. Preceding his business endeavors, Mr. Tedder led a successful music career in the early 1970’s, including national TV, and a global tour, which has re-emerged through performances with David Pack’s Napa Crossroads and Legends of Rock. In addition to his business and music ventures, Mr. Tedder serves on the boards of several state and national nonprofit organizations, including Ambassadors of Compassion and March of Dimes. Mr. Tedder’s son, Ryan Tedder, is one of the most accomplished artists, songwriters and producers of this generation. As the founder and lead singer of the band One Republic, he is acknowledged as a prolific talent within the impressive cadre of musicians and artists at CAA, the world largest and most prestigious talent agency. Ryan has written, produced, or performed with the likes of U2, Adele, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Maroon Five, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Kelly Clarkson, and Taylor Swift, to name a few.

Mitchell Roth is the Co-Founder, President and COO of Roth Industries, LLC, and also serves on the Company’s Board of Directors. Prior to joining Roth, LLC, Mitchell worked in an operational and advisory capacity with various companies owned or invested in by the Roth Family. Previously, Mr. Roth worked at the investment-banking firm Laidlaw and Company, Ltd. in New York City. Mr. Roth received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance and Economics from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Mitchell’s role on the Bourbon Brothers Presents board will be as an operationally focused advisor, overseeing management within the venue, and working directly with sponsors, distributors, advertisers, vendors, and talent managers, along with producers and agents, for the galaxy of performing artists.

Collectively, the board members have been friends, business partners, and associates for more than ten years, and have joined forces, drawing from each person’s unique experience, relationships, and skill sets, to create what will be the finest intimate concert venue in the country. First and foremost, the relationships Gary Tedder have directly/indirectly with CAA, William Morris Endeavor, and numerous independent agencies, managers, agents, and artists, runs deep. Through these decades old relationships, Boot Barn Hall is afforded access to A-List musicians represented by the aforementioned, along with their tours managers, and promoters, giving the company a unique opportunity to bring the A-List, to a B-Market, in an intimate venue. CAA, as the largest and most prestigious artists representation agency in the world, currently managing clients that include: Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, Ryan Tedder, Adam Lavigne, Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Faith Hill, Bon Jovi, Christina Aguilera, Alan Jackson, John Mayer, and many other top acts. Other agencies and independent management groups will provide a plethora of bands and solo artists for Bourbon Brothers Presents Event Center.

The concept and business model of Bourbon Brothers Presents was a joint effort by the board members, leveraging decades of experience, as some of the foremost thought leaders in the industry. Detailed models have been refined to accurately forecast the sales and profitability of the venue, aligning best of class in the food, restaurant, hospitality management, and music industries.

Venues similar to Boot Barn Hall include, Gruene Hall in Gruene, TX, the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN, Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth, TX, Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA, and Tipitina’s in New Orleans, LA. These were used as “comparables” in developing the concept and architecture of Bourbon Brothers Presents.

As has been well documented, the music industry has been disrupted as much as, if not more than, any other industry, by the sweeping revolution of technology. As customers turn away from buying albums and toward streaming or downloading individual songs, the pressure for musicians to get out on the road and schedule more dates has increased. Over the course of the last five to ten years, artists have gone from scheduling roughly 20 concert weeks, to more than 30 weeks per touring year. This conundrum has amplified the agenda of industry executives, managers, and promoters, to find additional markets, with mutually exclusive populations, strong demographics, and reasonable geographic proximity, to add profitable shows that don’t diminish the brand or reputation of the artists they represent.

Management believes Northern Colorado Springs is the ideal market for an intimate venue that will attract A-List artists on a regular basis, as it currently represents the demographic values the industry is pursuing. With close proximity to Douglas County, and being in the heart of Northern El Paso County, the market from which Boot Barn Hall will draw, has historically been the wealthiest multi-county subset West of the New York Tri-State area, and East of California, on a per capita basis. Furthermore, Colorado Springs represents the best access point for A-List artists traveling across the country, with immediate access to I-25, I-70, and I-80. Built on roughly three and a half acres, Boot Barn Hall is 15,000 finished square feet, featuring more than 50 feet of bar surface, 10 beer taps, and more than 50 Bourbons. A state-of-the-art lighting and sound system, unparalleled ambiance, a grand dance floor, and sprawling outdoor areas featuring exterior bar access, and 5 fire pits.

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